Analysis and implementation of specialized software solutions.

Hellenic Business Registry: 004512101000

B-logica was established in the year 1993 and is situated at its privately owned registered premises, in Athens.

With a professional presence of over 30 years in Greece, its proper and constantly evolving infrastructure and its thoroughly trained scientific personnel which has an extensive experience in the analysis, design and implementation of specialized software solutions and a profound knowledge in the sectors of its operation, B-logica is a company capable to undertake any IT projects, irrespective of their size and complexity.

B-logica is activated in the development of software and the maintenance and support of applications in the following areas:‎

  • Company: B-login G.P. (B-logica)
  • CEO: George Stamelos
  • Address: Plataion 4, Athens 10435, Greece
  • Tel.: 210342290
  • e-mail: [email protected]
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Διαχείρισης Νομικών Υπηρεσιών Ελληνικών Τραπεζών και Μεγάλων Εταιρειών και Οργανισμών

Work & Services Management of the Legal Departments of Banks and Large‎ Corporations and Organizations

  • B-logica’s systems for the organization of legal services incorporate functions of Workflows, GIS, document management, User Access level as well as the ability of inter-operability with third-party systems.
  • The eΠανδέκτης is a high-level specialized proposal for the work organization and electronic management of the legal departments in banking institutions, companies and organizations.
  • The largest installations of the software eΠανδέκτης operate in two of the large Greek systemic banks, with more than 1,500 on-line users, both internal banks’ users and external partners.
Υπολογισμού Αντικειμενικών Αξιών Ακινήτων και Φορολογία Κεφαλαίου

Objective Values – Capital Taxation of Real Estate Properties

  • B-logica has the leading systems for the calculation of the Objective Values and Tax Management of real estate properties, with applications such as the Ε and the B-maps.
  • Τhe Greek ‎Independent Authority for the Public Revenue (“A.A.D.E.”) is included among our primary users for both the calculation (on the basis of our platforms and systems) of the annual ‎Unified Real Estate Property Tax‎ and the issuance of the relevant Tax Clearance Certificates (EN.FIA) sent to the citizens on an annual basis, and the coverage of A.A.D.E.’s internal services requirements.
  • In addition, our systems are used by all systemic Banks, Auditing companies, real estate property companies and agents, Municipalities, accountants, civil engineers and by more than the 85% of the country’s notaries.
Οργάνωσης Συμβολαιογραφείων και Συμβολαιογραφικών εταιρειών

Organization of Notaries and Notarial firms

  • For a number of years B-logica holds a leading role in the field of Notaries’ and Notarial Firms’ services organization, given that its applications (B-symbolaio and B-maps) are used as the main tool by more than 85% of the Greek Notaries and Notarial firms.
  • The new version of the module b-esoda (Revenues-Expenses) provides to the Notary with all the necessary tools for the direct communication between the applications “B-symbolaio IV” and “myData” which not only simplifies to a very large extent the notary’s whole working process but it is also something which may not be found in any other application.

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