In the context of the eaxies HelpDesk operation, it has been observed that some recent versions of the FireFox worldwide web browser present incompatibilities in some of the eaxies functions. In the light of the above, we suggest the use of Chrome or Edge.

Get to know the

The is the sole online application for finding the co-efficients which form a real estate property’s objective value.

With you can also calculate and print out the official Calculation Sheets (E1-E5, K1-K9, AA_GHS) of the Ministry of Finance.

The location of blocks and the finding of the corresponding coefficients is carried out easily and swiftly by using maps or via a list of streets / number of blocks or in combination thereof. By entering the property’s characteristics (surface, floor number, inveteracy, etc.) and without knowing any co-efficient whatsoever, since the program provides them automatically, you can immediately calculate the Objective Value of any property.

Mobile Application is also available as applications for iPhone and Android.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

  • Objective Values (Calculation Sheets ΦΥ1-ΦΥ5)
  • Μixed System of Calculation of Objective Values (Calculation Sheets Κ1 – Κ9)
  • Plots of Lang (AA Γης)

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

B-logica's servers are hosted in the Microsoft cloud (Azure) which provides almost absolute availability conditions (99.95%) of the sites it hosts and at the same time the highest international levels of user data security.

  • High protection of h/w and s/w systems even in cases of natural disasters.
  • 24x7 operation with support from Microsoft executives.
  • High availability of 99.95% with fault tolerance implementation, backup & recovery, load balancing etc.
  • Controlled access to data centers and only by authorized Microsoft personnel.
  • International Certifications on personal data security.

It is noted that Microsoft has multiple data centers around the world with the ability to create automatically replicated sites (automatic replication).

System requirements

The following minimum requirements to use

eaxies mobile

eaxies mobile e-axies mobile is the special version of for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) Apple or Android.

It is the latest member of the B-logica family of objective value programs (B-maps,, eaxies web services). It uses the same database of coefficients and objective value maps as the above programs, thus inheriting the high degree of reliability.

He uses Google maps to find the property and, if required, confirms his position with Blogica property maps. With a simple guide (wizard) it asks the user about the characteristics of his property, in order to determine the correct coefficients of objective values or to calculate the main tax EN.F.I.A. or to determine TZ for arbitrarily.

eaxies mobile is valid for all of Greece and for all types of real estate (buildings, plots of land, plots of land, special buildings).

Compatible devices

The application is available for Apple devices (iPhones, iPads) and Android devices.

  • Apple: It is compatible with iOS 9 and above. This means it can run on updated iphone 4s or later.
  • Androids: Mobile Devices with Android 4.4 or higher.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

For software developers or applications interested in calculating objective values.

Integrate the calculation of objective values into their offered functionality, without having to know anything about the complexity of finding the coefficients and calculating the objective value of a property.

For more information contact the B-logica Sales Department at 210.3422290.