The most complete application for the organization of Notarial Offices

Meet B-symbolaio

Το B-symbolaio είναι η πληρέστερη εφαρμογή για την οργάνωση Συμβολαιογραφείων.

For the last 30 years the B-symbolaio has been the most complete application for the organization of Notarial Offices.

Being the leading program for notaries, B-symbolaio is currently used by more than 2,500 Notarial Offices and comprises an aggregate of individual sub-systems, integrated into a complete solution for the organization and electronic management of the work of a notarial office.

Functional features

The B-symbolaio suite automates the widest range of a notarial office’s tasks by incorporating functions such as:

  • Recording of information relating to customers and contracts,
  • Creation of declarations and applications,
  • Tax calculation,
  • Calculation of properties’ objective values,
  • Calculation and analysis of contract charges,
  • Drafting of contracts on the basis of relevant templates,
  • Statements’ printout,
  • Recording of appointments and actions,
  • Printing of invoices and recording of Income-Expenditures,
  • Digital signature integration,

as well as a large number of other daily functions* which facilitate and significantly reduce the effort and working time of both the notary and his associates.


In addition to the application’s functions, the high-level of the notary’s support* in relation to a number of issues (such as the various technical matters, estimation of properties’ objective values, recording of income-expenses, incorporation of companies, tax calculation, etc.) which is provided to the notaries by the specialized and experienced B-logica executives over the phone and/or remotely/electronically, also plays an important role in the facilitation of the notary’s daily work.                      

Moreover, the program’s special informative on-line / site first page,* provides on a daily basis, information and updates on notarial issues as well as news, Circulars, Government Gazette(s) and the older form of POLs which relate directly to notarial services.

The program’s frequent upgrades via the Internet* contribute to the prompt update of the program’s subsystems, by incorporating in a timely manner the most recent changes of the laws, judgments and circulars.

* For the system’s proper use, automatic updating and remote support, an Internet connection is required.


B-maps constitutes an important section of the B-symbolaio suite, with which the objective values of the real estate properties can be quickly, reliably and accurately calculated.

B-maps provides enriched, processed, updated and georeferenced maps of the real properties’ objective values. B-maps draws the prices of the objective value coefficients from B-logica’s servers in the cloud (Microsoft Azure*).  In case where said objective values are modified by the Ministry of Finance, B-logica updates its servers and the end-user has immediate access to the new prices, whereas no upgrade of the program is required.

B-maps uses B-logica’s objective values database, the high level of accuracy of which is confirmed also by the fact that same database is used by:

  • The 85% of the Notaries throughout the country
  • The Greek Ministry of Finance (for the calculation of the EN.FIA tax)
  • Banks, real estate property companies, accountants, civil engineers, agents, etc.

and by way of its integration as a web service in the software programs of companies specializing in the support of services provided by civil engineers and accountants.

The main functions of this application can be found here alternatively, you can book an appointment with us where we can show you the capabilities of this program either at our premises or via remote electronic access from your PC with the use of Internet.

  • Organization of Customers and Contracts with main and auxiliary indexes
  • Centralized Entry Registration and Information Display
  • Calculation and Analysis of Contract’s Charges
  • Completion and printout of applications, Statutory Declarations and Cadastre’s Forms
  • Capital Taxation (Statements and Tax calculations)
  • Contracts editing in minutes.
  • Ready Statements of Bodies
  • Full Text Search
  • Activities Registration and Scheduling– Display in Calendar
  • Connection with Smartphones and Tablets
  • Update of the 1st Page (online) on matters concerning Notaries
  • Integrating the b-esoda pro (Income-Expenses, myData) for the issuance of tax receipts (A.P.Y.), print-out of statements, etc.
  • Definition of Roles and Determination of Users Rights
  • Historicity
  • Multiple Notary Archives
  • Help Files for faster field filling
  • Ancillary Operations
  • Parameterization of Data
  • Data Safety
  • Remote Support

Server or 1 Workstation Specifications:

  • 1 CPU Socket up to 4 cores: i5 or higher (SQL Express – available for free with app installation)
  • 2 CPU Sockets up to 24 cores: i5 or higher (SQL Standard/Enterprise purchase + CALs required)
  • RAM: 8 GB or greater.
  • SSD/HDD: 5 GB occupied installation space + Data/Backups.
  • OS: Windows x64 (Windows 10/11 & Server Editions up to 2022)
  • Resolution: 1280×1024 or greater.

Clients Specifications:

  • CPU: i3 or higher.
  • RAM: 4 GB or greater.
  • SSD/HDD: 3 GB occupied installation space.
  • OS: Windows x86/x64 (Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 / Server Editions up to 2022 ).
  • Resolution: 1280×1024 or greater.

Also required:

  • Active Internet Connection (Upgrades, Online Information, Maps, Licensing, ADEE Services, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 sp3 or newer (Word, Outlook, Excel)