Meet eΠανδέκτης

eΠανδέκτης. Οργάνωση και διαχείριση όλων των εργασιών νομικών υπηρεσιών.

eΠανδέκτης is a high-level specialized proposal for the organization and electronic administration of the works and tasks of the legal departments of banking institutions, companies and organizations.

By using eΠανδέκτης the optimization and raise of business processes’ efficiency is achieved, while increasing the productivity and immediacy in the assessment of data from the management pyramid.

The special eΠανδέκτης Banks edition is the largest installation in a Greek Bank’s Legal Department, with more than 1,500 On-line users, internally (in the bank) and external partners thereof.

eΠανδέκτης constitutes a specialized n-tier Web based application for the organization of Banks’ and large Corporations’ Legal Departments.

The eΠανδέκτης may be installed in the client’s premises (On-Premise) or may be used as a service (SaaS).

It supports the overall computerization of a legal department in the best possible manner, with a view to optimize the most effective administration of said department’s affairs. By using modern technological tools, eΠανδέκτης can support complex requirements, due to the easiness with which eΠανδέκτης interconnects information among all its entities, whilst it can also link with existing third-party applications in the same organization (e.g. collection, core banking systems, etc.).

eΠανδέκτης uses various sub-systems (modules) depending on the customer’s requirements. The below design demonstrates the system’s architecture as well as the modules.

eΠανδέκτης Functional Architecture

The communication (Interface) of eΠανδέκτης with customers’ other applications is achieved in various ways (txt exchange, web services, XML), depending on each customer’s demands.

It is hosted at the customer’s premises.

Multitenant n-tier application hosted in the Microsoft cloud (Azure) that provides conditions of almost absolute availability (99.95%) of the sites it hosts and at the same time the highest levels of security for user data internationally.

Microsoft Azure

ePandektis is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

In particular, Microsoft Azure has:

  • High protection of h/w and s/w systems even in cases of natural disasters.
  • 24×7 operation with support from Microsoft executives.
  • High availability of 99.95% with fault tolerance implementation, backup & recovery, load balancing, etc.
  • Controlled access to data centers and only by authorized Microsoft personnel.
  • International certifications on personal data security.

It is noted that Microsoft has multiple data centers around the world with the ability to create automatically replicated sites (automatic replication).

For Companies & Organizations

eΠανδέκτης Enterprises is a Legal Services Organization & Claims Management System, addressed to the legal departments of companies and organizations.

It comprises a set of subsystems which are integrated into an advanced and complete solution for the electronic organization and management of judicial and non-judicial legal affairs.

The advanced design of the eΠανδέκτης Enterprises system’s basis, which is the outcome of our company’s 25 years of experience in legal programs, in combination with the use of modern technological tools, can support the most complex demands, given the said system’s convenience not only to interconnect information among all system’s entities but also to receive information and interconnect with third-party existing applications.

The friendly and modern interface, the business intelligence and the ample functionality constitute a safe guide for productivity increase, hence put your company in an advantageous position.


eΠανδέκτης Banks has the largest facility in a Greek Bank’s Legal Department with more than 1,500 On-line users, internally (in the bank) and external partners thereof.

The eΠανδέκτης Banks may be installed in the client’s premises (On-Premise) or may be used as a service (SaaS).


The eΠανδέκτης consists of the following subsystems:

  • Cases
  • Clientele
  • Works
  • Actions
  • Court Hearing Dates
  • Real Estate Properties
  • Real Estate Searches
  • In rem Securities
  • Auctions
  • Documents
  • Financial
  • Overdue Claims (collection)
  • Protocol of Incoming – Outgoing Documents
  • Calendar
  • Business Intelligence
  • Indexes & Searches
  • Data Security


The largest and oldest (since the year 2000) eΠανδέκτης installation into a bank organization in Greece. Today, eΠανδέκτης supports more than 1,500 Eurobank’s online users and partners, while it offers a specialized platform to be used by the Bank’s external lawyers.

eΠανδέκτης interfaces with most of the Bank’s systems for information exchange (core system, collections, ERP, loan approval systems and many others). It supports the authority and role levels distribution among each area’s users. Case management, document’s electronic circulation, Work flows, alerts, Actions management, etc.

It is noted that action, being eΠανδέκτης basic function, may be connected to the system’s other functions and obtain a scheduled tasks sequence parameterized flow (work flow). Thus, the system may operate as per the user’s desired function, by defining deadlines and sequences of scheduled tasks.

Alpha bank

Recent installation of eΠανδέκτης latest version. Online support of all bank’s internal users and external partners, by automating daily processes, aiming to increase its executives’ productivity and expedite provision of information.

The special eΠανδέκτης module, which is installed to all the Bank’s branches, provides an easy communication with the central eΠανδέκτης system in the bank’s legal department. It interfaces with the bank’s existing systems through specialized Services.

Among other benefits, it offers documents’ electronic circulation, authority and role levels distribution among the users and procession of daily operations through the use of extensive Workflows.