Remote Support

Immediate technician intervention on any computer that has a problem and is connected to the Internet.

Immediate intervention of a technician on any computer that has a problem and has an Internet connection. B-logica, taking advantage of modern technology, offers the possibility of immediate intervention of a technician on any computer that occurs and has an Internet connection, using one of the most well-known, secure and reliable remote access programs, Teamviewer.

Remote Support Benefits

The benefits of remote support are many and significant, some of which are:
Significant reduction of technician intervention time in cases where the problem cannot be solved through telephone instructions. You used to have to make an appointment and wait, at best, a few hours. With remote access to your system, intervention is immediate.

Significant cost reduction. Because there is no need for a physical presence of a technician at your place, the working time of the technician to go to your office and therefore the cost of work is reduced.

Reduction of time to solve difficult problems. Because the technician works from the company’s premises, he has access to all the resources available to the company, especially human resources, such as fellow technicians or even programmers, who can contribute significantly to solving difficult problems.